1. Fluid Technologies Industry
    2. Fluid Technologies Industry Products made using our sand casting and investment casting processes are often applied in fluid technology industries, such as agriculture, food machinery, construction, mining, and more.
    1. Food Machinery Parts Casting
    2. Food Machinery Parts Casting Because food machinery parts need a clean surface and have no any casting defects, they are generally made by made by investment casting. The metal parts of investment casting are formed in one piece and has no rough edges.
    1. Military & Firearm Parts Casting
    2. Military & Firearm Parts Casting Military and firearm parts are often exposed to harsh conditions. Therefore, they need to be precisely casted from premium materials to achieve the greatest level of operating performance.
    1. Automotive Parts Casting
    2. Automotive Parts Casting Due to the complex structure and high precision requirement of automotive parts such as water cooling and exhaust systems, these parts are generally made using an investment casting process.
    1. Marine Spare Parts Casting
    2. Marine Spare Parts Casting Yanshan Precision Machinery can provide metal parts casting services for marine equipment, port equipment, yachts, ship and much more.
    1. Mining & Oilfield Equipment Parts Casting
    2. Mining & Oilfield Equipment Parts Casting Mining and oilfield equipment is operated under extreme conditions, which means they require highly durable components.
    1. Rolling Stock & Hardware Fittings
    2. Rolling Stock & Hardware Fittings Casting parts are widely used in various industries. Each industry that adopts precision machining parts requires a short delivery time and affordable prices.

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